Time Accounts

Early Profit

Early Profit is a time deposit in euros at a preferential interest rate and advance payment of all interests.

● The interest  rate for a six-month deposit is 2.00% and
● The interest rate for a twelve-month deposit is 1.90%
● Advance payment of all interest at the beginning of the deposit
(The net interest is paid to the client as an advance payment of their future claims from interests)
● Deposit amount €50,000 - €200,000
● Only Early Total Repayment is allowed

If the depositor proceeds to an early total repayment, they will receive their capital which shall be compounded, with an annual interest rate equal to the one currently applying to the Basic Savings Account Interest Rate (ΒΕΤ) of the Bank (on the date of discounting), for the time duration from the beginning of the time deposit up to the day prior to discounting, sums which shall be set off with the sum paid in advance.

The Interest Statement is granted only upon termination (Expiration or Early Total Repayment) of the time deposit.

* Current  ΒΕΤ  0.15%
** The above interest rates are annual and gross and the deposit interests are subject to taxation of 15%, according to applicable law.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pursuant to the legislative act issued on 18.07.2015 (Official Journal A’ no. 84), we would like to inform you that from Monday 20.07.2015 Attica Bank temporarily stops offering this specific account.

For more information on the detailed conditions for the sale of the above product, contact the Attica Bank branch network.


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