BUSINESS Loans Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans

Attica Bank grants short-term loans:

  • To meet the needs of the production and trading chain of businesses
  • To prepare domestic-foreign orders
  • For the performance of contracts

Financing Amount:

The level of financing can cover up to 100% of the enterprise’s short-term needs.

Duration of financing:

This is determined according to the production and trading chain of the financing.

Financing Interest Rate:

Floating rate, determined based on the minimum Financing interest (MFI) or the Preferential Rate for Short-term Financing (PRSF) plus a margin. In addition, the interbank market interest rate may be set as the interest rate of financing.

Additional benefits:

The customer has the option to choose the currency in which he/she wants to receive the financing, as the Bank provides the option to change the currency depending on the conditions in exchange markets.


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BUSINESS Loans Short Term Loans