Attica Bank

GROUP Attica Bank Administration


Chairman of the BoD:
Panagiotis Roumeliotis


1. Panagiotis Roumeliotis, Chairman of the BoD, non-executive member

2. Theodoros Pantalakis, Chief Executive Officer, executive member

3. Athanasios Tsadaris, Deputy CEO, executive member

4. Ioannis Tsakirakis, Deputy CEO, executive member

5. Dimitrios Tzanninis, non-executive member

6. Charalampos Mprilakis, independent, non-executive member

7. Ioannis Marmaggiolis, independent non-executive member

8. Georgios Vlachakis, independent, non-executive member

9. Georgios Panayiotou, independent, non-executive member

10. Athanasios Stathopoulos, non-executive member

11. Zacharoula Papatheodorou, additional, non-executive member and representative of the Greek State in accordance with the provisions of Law 3723/2008.


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GROUP Attica Bank Administration