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Attica Bank operates as a Banking Company S.A., according to the provisions of Law 2190/20, on incorporated companies, as currently in effect, the provisions of Law 2076/92 on Financial Institutions and other relevant legislative provisions.

The term of the banking company is set at one hundred years from the date of publication of the original Statute, i.e. on February 5, 1925, ending on February 4th 2025. According to Article 2 of the Statute, the purpose of the company is "to undertake banking activities on its own account or on the account of others". Since 1964, the Bank belonged to the Emporiki Bank Group of Companies and was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) on 2.6.1964. On 26.6.97, through the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), the Emporiki Bank Group of Companies transferred part of the shares it held to TSMEDE and the DLF. On 09.09.2002, it transferred its remaining shares to Hellenic Postbank.

Today, the Bank's main shareholder is EF.KA (Social Security Institution) with 50.626% of common shares.



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GROUP Attica Bank History - Profile