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Attica Bank protects you by limiting the chances of fraud!

It is our pleasure to inform you about the service we offer to the holders of ATTICA BANK credit cards and prepaid cards.

The Timely Warning for Malicious Use Service is a system for the control of the transactions performed with Attica Bank credit cards and gift cards worldwide. The goal of this system is to protect card holders against any fraudulent use of their cards by third parties in order to prevent cases of fraud.

In the event of the identification of unusual transactions that deviate from your usual transactional behavior, our advanced identification systems activate the warning mechanisms and prompt the confirmation of the transaction.

In such events, the Service Representatives will call you, from 08:00 – 21:00 (365 days a year), to verify the authenticity of the transaction. If they fail to contact you, then, for your safety and until they can confirm that the transaction is not fraudulent, they may suspend temporarily the ability to perform transactions with your card in order to prevent any further fraudulent actions against you.

In this way and based on the international practice concerning the safe use of cards, the chances of malicious use of your card by third parties are reduced and you will be able to perform transactions with greater safety.

Now, you have one more reason to use Attica Bank cards for your transactions!

For more information regarding the Timely Warning for Malicious Use Service, do not hesitate to contact us at: 210-3669000 and 801-11-500-900.



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INDIVIDUALS Credit Cards Card Service