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INDIVIDUALS Debit Cards Attica Debit me Mastercard

Attica Debit me Mastercard

Perform your everyday transactions with speed, safety and credibility, using Attica bank's debit card, "Attica Debit Me MasterCard".

attica Debit Me MastercardWhat is attica Debit Me MasterCard?

Attica Debit me is Attica Bank's new debit card which is directly connected to your deposit account, allowing you to make cashless transactions at every merchant that accepts Visa debit cards.

Why choose Attica Debit me MasterCard?

Using your debit card, you enjoy the protection provided by "smart" cards with “Chip & Pin” technology. When using your card to make debit purchases or to withdraw cash from ATMs, you need to enter your PIN number. Your identity is verified electronically and you are not expected to sign, present an ID card or any other formal document.

Using your debit card instead of cash, you minimize, to the extent that you desire, the risk of losing your wallet or of having it stolen.

With Attica Debit me Mastercard you can make secure transactions on the Internet.

With Attica Debit me card you can make purchases worldwide at every business with the Mastercard sign and withdraw cash from Attica Bank's ATM network as well as from the ATMs of any bank with the Mastercard sign in Greece or abroad.

Attica Debit me, is free of the cost of an annual fee or of interest charges.

How does Attica Debit me MasterCard work?

Attica Debit me debit card is connected to your deposit account with Attica Bank. This ensures that the transaction limit of your card is equal to the amount deposited in that account. Basically, it is you who determines the transaction limit, and therefore have complete control of your expenses.

Check your attica Debit me's MasterCard activity

  • Via ATMs from Attica Bank's network
  • Via Attica Bank e-banking
  • Via Attica Bank call center at (+30) 210-3669000


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or remarks.

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INDIVIDUALS Debit Cards Attica Debit me Mastercard