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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Checking Accounts Interest free Checking Account

Interest free Checking Account


  • On demand account for professionals and businesses, for the temporary collection of cash. Serves the conduct of trade, handling money and, mostly, non-cash payments. Therefore, the holder is given a checkbook. Customers receive monthly and semi-annual account statements.
  • The account may receive checks or cash. The issue of checkbooks follows the relevant process. The account can receive cash, checks or money orders.

Interest charge:

The account is not remunerated.

Additional Information / Benefits:

  1. Issue of personalized checks and titled checks for the accounts of companies.
  2. Electricity, telephone, EYATH bills can be paid by standing orders and payment of debts (IKA, OAEE and VAT).
  3. You may perform account transactions via ATMs and e-Banking. Currently, transactions through e-banking are free of charge.
  4. The account is also offered in foreign currency.

Who is this product addressed to:

Beneficiaries of the account can be either legal entities (SA, GP, SP, LTD, NPID, NPDD) or individuals with commercial activity. These individuals may also open joint accounts.


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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Checking Accounts Interest free Checking Account