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Premier Current Account


A popular interest bearing account ideal for individuals and professionals who want to be able to make payments for goods and services using checks. A minimum initial deposit (currently € 5.000) is required. The account may use cash or checks at any time, without restrictions on the amount and for the entire available balance. Customers receive monthly and semi-annual account statements.

Interest charge:

The interest rate is applied incrementally. Interest income is calculated on the average six-month balance. If the six-month average balance is less than € 5.000, the account is remunerated at the rate of the simple current account.

Additional Information / Benefits:

  1. Issue of checkbook Professional clients may use checks for business.
  2. Issue of account statements.
  3. This rate approaches the interest rate of futures accounts.
  4. Interest is capitalized at the end of each calendar half-year and the closing of the account, regardless of time.
  5. The debit card attica debit me offers access the account through the Attica Bank ATMs and the ATMs of all banks in with the DIAS interbank system.
  6. You can pay your bills by standing order.
  7. The use of the account through Attica Bank’s e-banking is FREE.
  8. You may perform account transactions via ATMs and e-Banking. Currently, transactions through e-banking are free of charge (except for remittance).

Who is this product addressed to:

Depositors who wish to have direct access to their money without being bound by a term deposit and have the opportunity to purchase goods and services using checks. Also, those who wish to have an increased rate on their deposits.


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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Current Accounts Premier Current Account