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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Savings Accounts Attica HYPERSAVINGS Account


A new savings product provided by Attica Bank, attica HYPERSAVINGS ACCOUNT.

What are the advantages of this product?

  • 0,75% interest rate, from the first euro, each month
  • Money is available at all times, with the only condition being that, in case of more than three withdrawals, the account is compounded, for the particular month, with the basic savings interest rate of the Bank.

Target customers

  • Anyone wanting high yield of deposits
  • Anyone wanting immediate access to their funds and no reservation through term deposits
  • Anyone not withdrawing cash often

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

  • The minimum deposit amount that is required for account opening, is €2.000.

Which actions are considered as withdrawals?

  • Withdrawals include cash received through the Bank’s cashiers, the ATMs, automatic charges (e.g. standing orders for Public Utility Services), DIAS commissions for withdrawals through other banks’ ΑΤΜs, withdrawals for futures, payment of loan and credit cards instalments, e-banking charges. Debit interest entries, deposit interest tax withholding and standing orders to PPC, OTE, EYDAP, EYATH are excluded.

Are there any additional benefits to the deposit?

  • Possibility of FREE execution of transactions through e-banking.

Is the account charged with operating expenses?

  • The account is not charged with operating expenses.

What are the advantages of this account compared to time deposits?

  • The account offers attractive interest rate along with the possibility of three deposits per month, which are more than enough for usual savings deposit owners.
  • The account owner may keep at the same time a classic savings account, with a relevantly low balance. This account may be connected with standing orders, loan instalment payments etc, so that the Hyper Savings account will not be charged with numerous transactions and will therefore take advantage of the 0,75% interest rate of attica Hyper Savings each month.

Which are the advantages of this account compared to other similar profits by other banks?

  • Higher interest rate
  • Possibility of carrying out transactions through the ATMs and through e-banking and not exclusively at the Bank’s branches


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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Savings Accounts Attica HYPERSAVINGS Account