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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Savings Accounts Simple Savings Account

Simple Savings Account


Our most popular account. By providing their signature, customers receive a savings passbook, in order to monitor their account transactions, while they are not given a checkbook.

Interest charge:

The interest rate is tiered and applies to the entire amount of the deposit. Interest income is calculated on the 6-month average account balance. Interest income is subject to tax (currently 15%). Debit balances in savings accounts by overdraft or other causes are not supported. If a debit balance is created through ATM withdrawals, or by charging debit interest, the Bank shall notify the customer to cover the debit balance.

Additional Information / Benefits:

  • No minimum deposit required.
  • The account can receive amounts directly by check.
  • Using the attica Debit me card, the account is accessible from Attica Bank's ATMs and ATMs of all banks in the DIAS interbank system.
  • You can pay your bills by standing order.
  • Insurance coverage in case of accidents.
  • No transaction charges.
  • You may perform account transactions via ATMs and e-Banking.
  • Currently, e-banking transactions are FREE (except for remittance).
  • The account is also offered in foreign currency.

Who is this product addressed to:

To those who want to directly access their money through ATMs or the Bank's branches, without being bound by time deposits or those who wish to perform automatic bill payments.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or remarks.

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INDIVIDUALS Deposits Savings Accounts Simple Savings Account