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Attica Debit Card Alerts Service

Attica Debit Card Alerts Service

Attica Bank provides* to all Visa & Mastercard Debit cardholders (Individuals and Businesses) the Attica Debit Card Alerts Service.

The Service offers transaction information via Viber or SMS notifications** sent to the mobile phone number you have registered with the Bank, for the following transaction types, performed with your Debit card:

  • Cash Withdrawals and reversals from card connected accounts on ATMs in Greece or abroad.
  • Purchases and reversals via POS or Internet (e-commerce) in any business in Greece or abroad.
  • Amount Refunds to your card.

Attica Debit Card Alerts provides an extra layer of protection against unauthorized use of your card. At the same time the service helps you maintain control of your transactions, hence making you feel more secure.

In case you do not wish to receive Attica Debit Card Alerts, you may visit any Attica Bank network branch (https://www.atticabank.gr/el/group/network/attica-network) or call Customer Service at +30 210-3669000 and +30 210-3669600 to submit your request.

*The Service is temporarily provided to all customers free of charge and all Debit cards automatically participate to the Service without any registration  needed.

** The Bank is not responsible for the cardholder’s inability to receive Viber or SMS notifications due to technical reasons, such as: network malfunction, insufficient mobile provider service area coverage, incorrect mobile settings etc.

For more information

regarding the Timely Warning for Malicious Use Service, do not hesitate to contact us at +30-210-3669000 and 801-11-500 900 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..