Business Insurance Products

Business Insurance Products

Large Business Insurance

We create insurance policies in full cooperation with our customers, which are a leverage for the development of Large Businesses, relieving them of the effects of unexpected events, while keeping Large Businesses on a growth path.

There follows an indicative list of complete insurance solutions for Large Businesses offered by Attica Bank:

  • Property Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Employee Trust Insurance
  • Technical Works Insurance
  • Transport Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Mechanical Damage Insurance
  • Car Fleet Insurance

Small and Medium Business Insurance

At Attica Bank we know how important your business is to you and your family. To plan your future safely, live a carefree happy life and always take care of the people you love, even if an unforeseen event happens in your business, we have set up 3 complete BUSINESS insurance programs in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN.

CLASSIC: It protects your business from a number of risks, such as fire and flood, but also from damage that can be suffered during periods of turmoil.

EXTRA: Extensive insurance protection and security, with coverages that, in addition to basic protection, secure your business and equipment from theft or robbery, as well as your own liability to third parties.

TOTAL: A comprehensive plan that protects you, your people and your business from any risk with coverages designed to ensure its continuous operation under all circumstances.

All BUSINESS insurance plants are designed for you who have medium and small businesses, whether you are the owner or a tenant and your insured capital does not exceed € 1,500,000.

Unique advantages

  • Innovative coverage that protects both the building and the contents of the business, with all the merchandise, equipment and improvements you have made to the building.
  • Highly affordable and accessible insurance premiums adapted to the current circumstances.
  • Immediate compensation in the original value, so you can repair the damage to your business.

Insurance Solutions for you

Coverage for the building and its contents

The insurance plan covers the building that houses the business, the improvements that have been made and its contents, including any goods owned by third parties.

Coverage of additional expenses

INTERAMERICAN covers all the costs that may arise as a consequence of a covered damage, such as the costs of firefighting, locating the damage or removing any debris.

Financial support

INTERAMERICAN undertakes the coverage of significant expenses, such as the installments of professional loans, a daily allowance to cover the fixed expenses of the company (such as rent, PPC, fixed telephony and water supply bills) if case you incur a covered damage or loss of rents after the damage.

Total risk insurance

The TOTAL plan provides coverage against all risks and insures you for material damage caused by an accidental, sudden and unforeseen event, in addition to the risks already covered. A unique benefit that covers you completely and reliably.

Civil Liability Business Insurance

At Attica Bank we know how important it is to create a safe environment allowing you to practice your profession and serve your customers, romoting the reputation of your business on a daily basis. To ensure its smooth operation from any unexpected event that may occur, either from your employee or a customer, we have developed comprehensive Civil Liability insurance plans in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN.

Program coverage

  • Civil Liability insurance fully protects your business: It provides you civil liability towards third parties if you or your staff inadvertently cause material damage or bodily harm to third parties.
  • It provides you with additional coverage such as: fire, explosion, short circuit, leaking pipes, damage to third parties from environmental damage, etc.

To feel even more secure for the operation of your business, but also for your staff, you can choose the optional Civil Liability coverage for employers.

Flexible options and affordable premiums

Civil Liability Insurance for Businesses provides you with a wide range of options at the insured limits, from € 100,000 to € 1,000,000, depending on the degree of protection you desire.

At the same time, it offers very affordable insurance premiums, which can become even more economical, if you also hold a Property insurance for your business in INTERAMERICAN.

Unique advantages

  • Complete coverage of the operation of the business premises and staff
  • Possibility to choose the insurance limit according to your needs
  • Possibility to choose the Employer Liability coverage
  • Premiums that are adjusted to the size of each business

Professional Civil Liability

In a rapidly changing environment with increasing demands, the Professional Civil Liability coverage is a valuable and necessary tool for every professional.

Complete solutions are offered, enabling freelance professionals (such as Lawyers, Accountants, Security Technicians, Electricians, Plumbers and Steamfitters, Doctors and Related Professionals) to protect their business, while also covering their associates and/or assistants.