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Services for Companies -
POS Terminaks

Ease and speed in transactions

POS Terminals

Do you have a business or are you a freelancer? Then making card transactions through POS terminals is definitely your priority!

Choose Attica Bank to immediately get a POS terminal for your business and improve the level of service you offer. . Easily, quickly, at competitive prices, with immediate delivery!

This is addressed,

regardless of size, to all retail businesses or service providers, such as:

  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Catering
  • Training
  • Travel agencies etc.


    Connected Cards

    Ability to accept all MASTERCARD & VISA debit, credit and pre-paid cards.

    Debit Fee

    A competitive debit fee for transaction clearing.

    Interest-Free Installments

    Possibility to schedule interest-free installments through selected cards issued by Hellenic Banks.


    Easy and Instant installation with a single phone call.


    Safe Chip & Pin Transactions.

    Other Features

    Ease and speed in transactions.

    Terminal Types

    Available in two types: wired and wireless.

How can I get my own POS terminal?

Just follow the steps below and take advantage of the direct procedures that we provide to each of you separately:

  •  Visit

    your nearest Attica Bank branch.

  •  Submit

    the relevant request to the competent employee in the branch for the terminal you wish to get.

  •  We will soon

    inform you about the outcome of your request.

  •  Sign

    the relevant contract if your request is accepted.

  •  Receive

    the POS terminal.

  •  Quickly and easily

    install the POS terminal with a single phone call.

  •  Otherwise,

    schedule a visit from one of our qualified technicians to install the POS terminal.

For more information

regarding the detailed conditions for the sale of this product, contact the relevant officers of the Attica Bank branch network or on the phone +30-210-3669000.


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