Board of Directors

Chairman of the BoD, non-executive member: Konstantinos Makedos



  1. Konstantinos Makedos, son of Georgios, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Non-Executive Member
  2. Avraam (Minos) Moissis, son of Esdra, Vice Chairman of the BoD, Non-Executive Member, representative of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
  3. Michail Andreadis, son of Theocharis, CEO, Executive Member
  4. Irini Maragkoudaki, daughter of Ioannis, Executive Director, Executive Member
  5. Alexios Pelekis, son of Dionysios, Non-Executive Member
  6. Markos Koutis, son of Nikolaos, Non-Executive Member 
  7. Patrick Horend, son of Dieter, Non-Executive Member
  8. Charikleia Vardakari, daughter of Nikolaos, Independent Non-Executive Member
  9. Ioannis Zographakis, son of Georgios, Independent Non-Executive Member
  10. Aimilios Giannopoulos, son of Polykarpos, Independent Non-Executive Member
  11. Grigorios Zarifopoulos, son of Dionysios, Independent Non-Executive Member