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Announcement 07-02-2014

In accordance with the provisions of Decision No. 3/347/12.07.2005 of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (art.2, par.2 subparagraph (ε)) and in accordance with article of the Athens Exchange Rulebook, Attica Bank S.A. announces that its Board of Directors meeting on 07/02/2014:

  1. Elected Mr. Ghikas Manalis, Mr. Nikolaos Bakatselos and Mr. Giannos Grammatidis members of the BoD, following the resignation of Mr. Konstantinos Gouvalas, Mrs. Ekaterini Zevgoli and Mrs. Eythimia Deli.

  2. Appointed Mr. Ghikas Manalis to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and elected Mr. Alexandros Antonopoulos Deputy CEO of the Bank. The Board of Directors defined their responsibilities and specified those of the Chairman of the BoD of the Bank, Mr. Ioannis Gamvrilis, as these are detailed in the minutes of the meeting (No. 1165/07.02.2014). It is noted that Mr. Manalis will take up the duties of the CEO on 12/2/2014. The responsibilities of the Vice-Chairman of the BoD remain unchanged as they are defined in the minutes of the BoD No. 1147/1.3.2013.

  3. As the result of the above changes, the line-up of the Board of Directors is the following:
    1. Ιoannis Gamvrilis: Chairman of the Board of Directors, executive member
    2. Antonios Sellianakis: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, non executive member
    3. Ghikas Manalis: Chief Executive Officer, executive member
    4. Alexandros Antonopoulos: Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive member
    5. Ioannis Ioannidis: Executive Member
    6. Evangelos Delis: Executive member
    7. Athanasios Stathopoulos: Non-executive member
    8. Athanasios Presvelos: Non-executive member
    9. Ilias Pertzinidis: Independent, non-executive member
    10. Periklis Karaiskos: Non-executive member
    11. Dimitrios Voganatsis: Independent, non-executive member
    12. Nikolaos Bakatselos: Independent, non-executive member
    13. Giannos Grammatidis: Non-executive member
    14. Georgios Chortareas: Additional, non-executive member, representative of the Greek State on the basis of the provisions of law 3723/2008.

    The term of the present Board of Directors has been set to three years, in accordance with the resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 22/06/2012, and expires on 22/6/2015 and may be extended to the date of the Ordinary General Meeting of the year 2015.

  4. Approved the change in the line-up of the Audit Committee due to the resignation of Mrs. Ekatetini Zevgoli, member of the Committee.
    The members of the Audit Committee are the following:

    1. Athanasios Presvelos (Chairman),
    2. Periklis Karaiskos (member)
    3. Νikolaos Bakatselos (member)

According to the legislation currently in force, the abovementioned decisions of the Board of Directors will be subject to ratification at the next Ordinary General Meeting of common Shareholders.


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