Attica Bank - Announcement of 28/05/2020

Attica Bank informs its investors that the BoD at its meeting of 27.05.2020 decided, within the Bank’s strategic plan and in accordance with the report of a chartered auditor for the fair and reasonable transaction for the Bank’s shareholders, to proceed with the disinvestment of the Bank’s subsidiary “AtticaBank Properties S.A.” and the transfer of the total (100%) of the Bank’s shares to a legal entity under private law under the name “Public Works Engineers Fund”, which is related party to Attica Bank S.A., for a total price of €1.2 mln (€535 thn + net cash).

The above transaction will be implemented after the approval of the shareholders' meeting of the Bank and the expiration of the deadlines or the receipt of any licences requested in accordance with Articles 99-101 of L.4548/2018. The profit from this transaction, which will be reflected in the financial statements of the Bank and of the Attica Bank Group during the H1 of 2020, amounts to approximately €700 thn.

Attica Bank S.A.