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Repayment of Greek State guarantees (Pillar II)

Attica Bank S.A. informs its investors that as of March 31st, ceases to rely on the provisions of L.3723/2008 «The strengthening of the liquidity of the Economy, for offsetting the impact of the international financial crisis» and on the guarantees of Pillar II.

Consequently, Attica Bank is no longer subject to the commitments of the support program and among others, to the appointment of a representative of the Greek State to the Board of Directors of the Bank. The annual savings for the Bank amount to € 3.5mln approximately (commission for the guarantee of the Greek State).

Attica Bank, due to its increased liquidity, as a result of its customers’ confidence through the expansion of its deposit base and as well as its presence in the interbank market, continues consistently the implementation of the three-year Business Plan 2021-2023.



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