Press Release 3/4/2013 - Resolution of the General Meeting of the holders of preference shares (Law 3723/08) of Attica Bank S.A, April 2nd 2013

In accordance with art. of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange, Attica Bank S.A. announces that the General Meeting of holders of preference shares (Law 3723/08) was held on April 2nd 2013. The Greek State through its representative attended the Meeting as the sole holder of all of the preference shares of Attica Bank that have been issued according to the provisions of Law 3723/2008. Additionally the public notary of Athens Mrs Evangelia Kyriakou was invited and attended the Meeting in accordance of art.32 of Codified Law 2190/1920.

The General Meeting passed unanimously the following resolution on the sole item of the agenda:

  • Approved the resolutions of the First Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting of the holders of common shares of Attica Bank S.A held on February 18th 2013 regarding items 1 to 7 of the agenda (items concerning the share capital increase of the Bank through cash payment and issuance of new common shares and the issue of Convertible bond).

Attica Bank S.A