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In accordance with the provisions of decision no. 3/347/12.07.2005 (art. 2, par. 2, section (e)) of the BoD of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission,   Attica Bank S.A. informs investors that its Board of Directors, meeting today accepted the resignation of its non-executive member Mr. Gikas Manalis.

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Attica Bank informs investors that its Board of Directors, meeting today decided to merge the position of the Deputy CEO into that of the CEO, electing Mr. Alexandros Antonopoulos as new CEO of the Bank.
As a result of the above, the composition of the Board of Directors of the Bank is as follows:

1. Ioannis Gamvrilis, Chairman, non-executive member
2. Antonios Sellianakis, Vice-Chairman, non-executive member
3. Alexandros Antonopoulos, CEO, executive member
4. Ioannis Ioannidis, General Manager Corporate and Retail Banking, executive member
5. Gikas Manalis, non-executive member
6. Athanasios Presvelos, non-executive member
7. Athanasios Stathopoulos, non-executive member
8. Ilias Pertzinidis, independent, non-executive member
9. Periklis Karaiskos, non-executive member
10. Dimitrios Voganatsis, independent non-executive member
11. Yannos Grammatidis, non-executive member
12. Nikolaos Bakatselos, independent, non-executive member
13. Georgios Chortareas, additional non-executive member representative of the Greek State in accordance with the provisions of Law 3723/2008.


We inform you that due to planned upgrade, during the weekend 13 & 14 of December, 2014, the following will apply:

• The Attica Bank e-Banking service will operate with LIMITED AVAILABILITY from Saturday 13/12/2014 at 22:00 to  Sunday 14/12/2014 at 08:30
• The ATM network of Attica Bank will NOT operate on Sunday 14/12 from 2:30 until 6:00

Thank you for your  understanding,

Attica Bank

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