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With reference to articles appearing in the printed and electronic press regarding the share capital increase of Attica Bank (“the Bank”), which is in progress, or alleged potential investors or potential terms of the recapitalization process, and following a request addressed to the Bank by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Attica Bank informs investors about the following:

1. As stated in the Bank’s announcement dated 13.10.2014 and published on the HELEX website, the Bank has received the interest of some international investment funds which intend to cover part of the Bank’s share capital increase. The Bank, assisted by a group of financial advisors, continues its discussions with the aforementioned funds aiming at receiving a final expression of interest and finalizing the relevant agreement/s with the strategic investor/s.

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Attica Bank S.A (hereafter: the “Bank”) announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of common shareholders that took place on 30.9.2014 at 12.00 was attended by 15 shareholders (present either in person or represented by proxy). The shareholders who attended the Extraordinary General Meeting represented 537,547,245 common shares bearing voting rights out of a total of 1,045,794,145 shares, that is, 51.401 % of the common share capital of the Bank. Given that the increased quorum required pursuant to art. 29, par. 3 of Law 2190/1920, which would have allowed shareholders attending  the General Meeting to discuss and decide on the items of the agenda was not achieved, the Extraordinary General Meeting was postponed.

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Attica Bank S.A. announces that on 07/08/2014 commences the trading in the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) of the 4,233,152 new common, registered, bearing voting rights shares that resulted from the Bank's share capital increase by 1,269,945.60 euros, due to the conversion of 4,233,152 notes of the Bank's existing convertible bond loan issued on 2/7/2013, of an initial amount of 199,406,822.10 euros into 4,233,152 new common shares (conversion rate: one bond to one new, common, registered, bearing voting right share of nominal value 0.30 euros- conversion price), according to the decision of the First Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 18/2/2013 and the Prospectus approved by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on 3/6/2013.
The abovementioned increase, which does not constitute a direct amendment of the company's Articles of Association, was certified by the Board of Directors on 17/07/2014 and has been registered at the General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.) of the Hellenic Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.
The Stock Markets Steering Committee of Athens Exchange (ATHEX) approved on 01/08/2014 the admission to trading of the abovementioned 4,233,152 new common, registered bearing voting right shares.

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Attica Bank S.A. (the “Bank”) announces that on 28th July 2014, the sale of 8,060 common registered shares of the Bank was completed. The 8,060 shares resulted as fragmental balances from the decrease of number of shares from 244,885,573 common shares to 34,983,653 new common registered shares, (that is, a reverse split ratio of seven existing common, registered shares for one new share), pursuant to the decision of the First Iterative Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders held on 18.2.2013 and approved by decision Κ2-3624/28.05.2013 of the Hellenic Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transports and Communications.

The final net result of the sale amounts to 1,094.22 euros (excluding relevant expenses) that corresponds to 0.136 euro per every share.

Beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale are shareholders, holders of fractional balances, who were registered in the records of the Electronic (Dematerialized) Securities System (DSS) of the Hellenic Exchanges S.A. (HELEX) on June 07, 2013 (Record Date).

The proceeds from the sale will be distributed to the beneficiaries as follows:

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