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Sale of fractional shares arising from a reverse split 

Attica Bank S.A (the “Bank”) hereby informs its shareholders that on Friday, July 25th 2014 it shall proceed to the sale of 8,060 common registered shares, arising from fractional balances.

The abovementioned fractional balances resulted from the reverse split of the Bank’s common registered shares that took place pursuant to the decision of the First Iterative Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders held on 18.2.2013 and approved by decision Κ2-3624/28.05.2013 of the Hellenic Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transports and Communications. 

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Attica Bank, following its announcement dated 20.6.2014 which regarded the optional conversion of the notes of the existing convertible bond issued on 2.7.2013 (initial amount:199,406,822.10 euros), in accordance with the resolutions of the First Repeat Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of 18.2.2013, the resolutions of the Bank’s Board of Directors dated 24.4.2013 and the information memorandum approved on 3.6.2013 by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, informs investors that the right for optional conversion was exercised for 4,233,152 bond notes, which convert into an equal number of common, registered, bearing voting rights, shares of the Bank.

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Attica Bank initiating a share capital increase process to meet the capital requirements announced
by the Bank of Greece

Attica Bank S.A. (“Attica” or the “Bank”) has engaged UBS Limited as the Bank’s lead financial advisor and coordinator of the process, as well as the investment bank Lazard Frères, PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Solutions S.A. and Clayton Euro Risk as joint financial advisors, to assist the Bank with a capital raising to meet the capital requirements announced by the Bank of Greece, following the conclusion of the recent stress test of the Greek banking sector. It is envisaged that a strategic investor group will invest alongside the Bank's existing shareholders in the forthcoming recapitalisation. The ultimate amount and structure of the capital increase will be determined by Attica's competent corporate bodies, according to applicable legislation, following the completion of the regulator’s assessment of the Bank’s updated capital plan.

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In accordance with articles 4.1.2 and of the Regulation of the Athens Stock

Exchange, Attica Bank S.A. announces the financial calendar for 2014.


Friday, March 28th 2014: Announcement of Financial Results for the year 2013.

Monday, March 31st 2014: Publication of the FY 2013 Summary Financial Data and Information (on a stand-alone and consolidated basis) and the FY 2013 Financial Report.

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