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Attica Bank informs investors that the Announcement of the Q1 2020 Financial Results and the publication of the Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements for Q1 2020, which according to the financial calendar was scheduled to take place on June 25th 2020, are going to take place on June 22nd 2020.




Attica Bank Societe Anonyme Banking Company announces that, following a written request of 04-06-2020 submitted by the Unified Social Security Fund (EFKA), that attended the Meeting and represents 152,213,824 shares with voting rights corresponding to 33% of the Bank's total paid up share capital, which request was submitted to the Chairman of the Bank's Ordinary General Meeting held 04-06-2020, discussion and decision making on all items of the agenda was postponed to 24th June 2020, at 12:00, pursuant to article 141, par. 5 of Law 4548/2018.

The postponed General Meeting constitutes a continuation of the previous one and shall be held in the same way, i.e. remotely through teleconferencing.

Pursuant to the stipulations of article 124 par. 6 of Law 4548/2018, new shareholders registered in the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.), which is managed by the company "Hellenic Central Securities Depository S.A",  with record date 30-05-2020, i.e. the record date of today’s Meeting, may also participate in the said postponed Meeting.

For the purposes of proving shareholders status of all shareholders and as regards the procedure for participating, watching and voting in person or by proxy in the postponed Meeting, the same procedures and conditions regarding the holding thereof remotely through teleconferencing included in the Invitation to the GM published on 05-05-2020 apply.


Attica Bank S.A.


Attica Bank informs its investors that the BoD at its meeting of 27.05.2020 decided, within the Bank’s strategic plan and in accordance with the report of a chartered auditor for the fair and reasonable transaction for the Bank’s shareholders, to proceed with the disinvestment of the Bank’s subsidiary “AtticaBank Properties S.A.” and the transfer of the total (100%) of the Bank’s shares to a legal entity under private law under the name “Public Works Engineers Fund”, which is related party to Attica Bank S.A., for a total price of €1.2 mln (€535 thn + net cash).

The above transaction will be implemented after the approval of the shareholders' meeting of the Bank and the expiration of the deadlines or the receipt of any licences requested in accordance with Articles 99-101 of L.4548/2018. The profit from this transaction, which will be reflected in the financial statements of the Bank and of the Attica Bank Group during the H1 of 2020, amounts to approximately €700 thn.

Attica Bank S.A.

Attica Bank S.A. informs its investors that, as part of the implementation of its business plan and after obtaining the relevant approval of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, the transfer of the Bank’s participation (100%) in «Attica Wealth Management S.A. Mutual Fund Management Company» to Ypsilon Capital Ltd, has been completed, for a total price of EUR 2.35 million euro.



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