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Attica Bank - Disinvestment of the Bank's participation in its subsidiary "Atticabank Properties S.A."

Attica Bank informs its investors that the BoD at its meeting of 27.05.2020 and in accordance with the relevant approval by the adjourned Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 24.06.2020 and following the statutory publications of the abovementioned decisions in the General Commercial Registry, within the Bank’s strategic plan, ended today with the signing of the relevant agreement, the disinvestment of the Bank’s subsidiary “AtticaBank Properties S.A.” and the transfer of the total (100%) of the Bank’s shares to a legal entity under private law under the name “Public Works Engineers Fund”, for a total price of €1,180,528.33. The profit from this transaction that will be reflected in the financial statements of the Bank and the Attica Bank Group, during the second half of 2020, amounts to € 680,528.33.


Attica Bank S.A.

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