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Attica Bank S.A.(hereinafter “the Bank”), following its corporate announcements, informs investors that following the implementation of Business Plan and the progress and implementation of the approved NPE Strategy, has reached to an agreement for the re-acquisition, at this stage, of the Junior Note of the “Metexelixis” securitization, aiming at the full disinvestment of the Bank concerning the aforementioned securitization.

The Bank’s management will immediately inform investors with a new corporate announcement for any progress.



Attica Bank S.A. (hereinafter “the Bank”), following its announcements of 18.01.2023, 26.01.2023, 03.02.2023 and 22.03.2023 and its corporate announcements regarding the approved and under implementation share capital increase (the “Increase”) and the approved Prospectus regarding the admission for the trading of the new common shares on the Athens Stock Exchange, informs investors following a related question from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission that the Management has received information concerning an agreement in principle between its existing main shareholders, the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) - the Engineers’ Contractors of Public Works Fund (TMEDE) and Thrivest Holding Ltd. on the commercial terms concerning their participation in the Increase with a coverage of amounts up to €329 mln for the HFSF, up to €40 mln for TMEDE and up to €64 mln for Thrivest Holding Ltd, with the aim of fully covering the Increase. This agreement is expected to be reflected in the final binding legal documents which, upon their conclusion and notification to the Bank, will form part of the Prospectus concerning the Increase.

The Bank will immediately inform investors concerning any developments arising in this context.

Attica Bank SA

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