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Attica Bank S.A. announces that on July 9, 2021 the Board of Directors of the Bank decided, following the grant of the authorization received from the Bank's shareholders at the General Meeting of 07-07-2021, as the Bank to proceed in a share capital increase, from €120 mln to €240 mln by cash payment, with pre-emptive rights in favor of the existing shareholders, within 2021.

 Following the consolidation of the Bank's Balance Sheet with the publication of the financial results of December 31, 2020, the Management of the Bank proceeds with a growth increase of its share capital. The purpose of the increase is to support the implementation of the three-year Business Plan 2021-2023, which - among other issues - provides for the increase of the loan portfolio balances by approximately €2 bln and at the same time ensures the prompt recovery of the Bank's capital adequacy ratios so as to support the successful implementation of the Bank’s Business Plan. Furthermore, the Board of Directors of the Bank decided to hire proximately advisors for the share capital increase in cooperation with whom the terms of the share capital increase, the offering price of the new shares, the method of coverage, the content of the prospectus and any other information necessary by law. The aforementioned issue will be re-introduced for discussion in the Board of Directors in order to take the pertinent decision. 

Attica Bank will inform its investors concerning the decision-making and the progress of the aforementioned process.



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