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Attica Bank S.A. (hereinafter “the Bank”), following the Board of Directors’ resolution of 20-10-2023, informs investors concerning the amendment of its Headquarters’ address from 23,Omirou Street, Municipality of Athens, P.O 10672, at 3-5, Palaion Patron Germanou Street, Municipality of Athens, P.O. 10561.
The Bank΄s registered office remains the Municipality of Athens, in accordance with article 3 of its current Articles of Association. The Bank’s contact details (telephone number, email) remain the same.


 Attica Bank S.A. (hereinafter “the Bank”), following its corporate announcement of 11.04.2023, informs investors that following the implementation of Business Plan and the progress and implementation of the approved NPE Strategy, has concluded the process of the re-acquisition, of the mezzanine note of the “Metexelixis” securitization and the mezzanine and junior note of the “Omega” securitization.

Finally, it is noted that the aforementioned transaction has no impact on the Bank’s capital.

Attica Bank S.A.

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