Credit Cards

Attica Bank offers a full series of credit cards. Get all the information you need and make the choice that suits you best..

Attica Card Visa credit cards

Enjoy easy and secure transactions with Attica Bank's VISA credit cards, which offer you increased security, speed and profit in all your transactions.

Attica Bank VISA cards can be used for:

  • purchases of goods and services in businesses bearing the VISA mark in Greece and abroad
  • interest-free purchases
  • contactless transactions with businesses that have the special EFT/POS terminals
  • cash withdrawals from ATMs bearing the VISA mark in Greece and worldwide
  • repaying your liabilities
  • secure online shopping

What are they

Based on NFC (Near Field Communication) short range technology, Attica Bank's contactless cards allow you to make your purchases by simply approaching your card at the POS terminal. Therefore, your transactions are effected in the least time possible, with absolute security, as the card remains in your hands throughout the transaction.

How they work

  1. Hold your card for a few seconds in front of the terminal
  2. Enter your card PIN if asked. You do not need to enter a PIN for a transaction amount of up to 50 euros
  3. Once you hear the beep sound, your transaction has been completed safely and you can remove your card

Where to use it

Attica Bank's contactless cards can be used for:

  • Contactless transactions with businesses that have the special POS terminals. For amounts lower than 50 euros, you are not required to enter your PIN
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs of Attica Bank and other Banks, in Greece and abroad
  • Secure purchases of goods and services by businesses bearing the Visa mark in Greece and abroad
  • Safe online shopping



    The card doesn’t leave your hands and your transaction takes place in an absolutely secure environment


    The process is faster than the respective cash or credit card payment process, thus reducing your waiting time at the cashier. All your transactions are completed in a few seconds.


    Use your card for transactions of any amount, even of very little value, without having to look for cash or change and without waiting for change.


    Contactless transactions can be made at any POS terminal bearing the signal contactless-sign

Cash Refund Program depending on level of transactions

Attica Card Visa Classic
Attica Card Visa Gold

Cash Refund Program depending on level of transactions.

For each purchase you have made (including purchases through interest-free instalments), 1% of the transaction value will be refunded and credited to your account, as long as your transactions in the previous two months exceed €350 (Attica Card Visa Classic) or €700* (Attica Card Visa Gold)

The refund privilege applies to existing and new accounts, as long as they meet the following conditions:

  • Your account must be in existence for at least 6 months, and in the past 6 months it should not have been found in arrears.
  • Your account must be valid and not in arrears on the refund date.
  • The maximum amount of refund per calendar year for each account is €250.

For more information

regarding the detailed conditions for the sale of these products, contact the relevant officers of the Attica Bank branch network or on the phone +30-210-3669000.