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Attica Ecoenergy

What is Attica Ecoenergy?

Attica Bank, with the "Attica Ecoenergy" financing program, offers a great opportunity: you can ensure a fixed guaranteed income, by installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of your home and utilizing solar energy.

The "Attica Ecoenergy" loan covers 100% of the cost for purchasing and installing the equipment.


    Loan Amount

    Up to € 15,000.

    Interest Rate

    Low variable interest rate equal to the current ECB rate plus 6% margin (plus 0.12% contributions, Law 128/75).

    Grace Period

    Grace period is up to 6 months.

    Repayment Period

    Up to 8 years.

    Insurance Cover

    Equipment insurance cover is mandatory in order to install photovoltaic systems. In cooperation with the Generali Insurance Company, it offers low annual premium of 0.50% per € 1,000 invested and full multiple risk coverage for material damages to photovoltaic installations, as well as for loss of profits.

Necessary Supporting Documentation

  •  Electricity Bill

    The most recent electricity bill (for the meter to be used for financial offsetting)

  •  Study

    A copy of the study by the photovoltaic system installation company

  •  PPC Connection Contract

    A copy of the PPC connection contract

  •  PPC Power Purchase Contract

    A contract of power purchase by the PPC network (when signed)

  •  Invoice Copy

    A copy of the unpaid invoice

For more information

regarding the detailed conditions for the sale of these products, contact the relevant officers of the Attica Bank branch network or on the phone +30-210-3669000.


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