At a glance

Attica Debit Visa Business is a debit card specially designed for businesses and their executives.

Through automatic debiting of the corporate account, purchases and payments for the needs of the company are made easily, quickly and safely.

24-hour service
Flexible Transaction Limit
Easy Cash Withdrawal
Advanced “Chip & Pin” technology

Why you should choose it


Flexibility in Transactions

  • Link the card with up to 12 Attica Bank current accounts for added convenience and control.
  • Check the activity of linked accounts through Attica Bank ATMs.

Wide acceptance and ease of withdrawals

  • Withdraw cash from any Attica Bank ATM and from Visa-branded ATMs in Greece and abroad.
  • Make purchases of goods and services worldwide with the Visa brand.

Online Transactions
Your card facilitates online transactions on the internet.


Adjustable Limits and Controlled Spending

  • Set different daily transaction limits for each card and link different accounts.
  • You can issue cards for your partners as well.
How does it work?

  • The card is linked to the selected account.
  • Transactions are settled directly from the available balance of the account.
  • If the balance is insufficient, the transaction is rejected.