Credit Cards

Visa Credit & Visa Credit Gold

Discover our credit cards today and choose the one that meets your needs

Cash Back Program

Cash Back Program depending on the amount of transactions

Debit Cards

Prepaid Cards

Visa Prepaid

Get total control over your purchases and finances

Digital Wallets

Apple Pay

All you need is your iPhone or Apple Watch!

Google Pay

Fast and secure payments with your Android phone or Wear OS watch

Garmin Pay

Contactless payments with your smart watch

Card Services

Timely Malicious Use Notification

Use your Attica Bank cards safely

Transactions using Push Notifications

Now the transaction execution approval process is quick and simple

Debit Card Alerts

Information in real time about every transaction on your card, the moment the transaction takes place

Strong Customer Identification (3D Secure)

Ensure additional security for your online transactions through Visa Secure

Repayment of Public Debts

Public Sector Payments by credit card

Pay off your Government Debts, in a lump sum or in installments

Card transactions in foreign currency

Transactions in foreign currency

Make your foreign currency transactions with Attica Bank cards