We know how important it is to create a safe environment in which you can practice your profession and serve your customers, promoting your business reputation every day.

To ensure the smooth operation of your business from any unexpected incident that may occur, either from your employee or a customer, we have formulated integrated Civil Liability Insurance plans in cooperation with Interamerican.

What do these programs guarantee?


Civil liability insurance protects your business comprehensively.
It ensures your civil liability towards third parties if you or your staff unintentionally cause material damage or bodily injury to third parties.


Additional cover for fire, explosion, pipe leakage and more


Option of optional Employer’s Liability cover

Flexible options and affordable premium instalments

Civil Liability Insurance ensures you a wide range of options within the insured limits, from €100,000 to €1,000,000, depending on the desirable degree of protection.

At the same time, premium instalments are affordable and can become even more economical, if you cooperate with Interamerican for the Property insurance of your business.

Programs’ Advantages

  • Complete coverage from the operation of the company’s facilities and personnel.
  • Ability to choose the insurance limit according to your needs.
  • Option to choose Employer’s Liability coverage.Premium instalments adjusted to the size of each business.