At a glance

A financial program designed to cover the investment needs of hotel businesses.

Attica Hospitality Develop covers a wide range of investment needs:

  • Purchase or upgrade of fixed equipment.
  • Partial renovation of commercial premises.
  • Partial renovation or partial renovation of a business premises.

What you need to know


Amount of funding
Up to €200,000 through term loans and leasing products.


Approval procedure
Immediate approval within 10-15 days with full submission of required documentation.


Interest rate
Highly competitive, for optimal financial performance.


Hospital Services insurance product at a highly competitive price and with provided coverages such as:

– Emergency air transport
– Telephone medical advice 24/7 in five languages
– Repatriation organization for all cases
– Responsible medical direction and support for Covid-19 issues


Grace Period
Possibility of a grace period of up to 9 months.


Loan period
Principal repayment over a period of 3 years.


Quarterly installments for smooth payment flow.

Extra Benefits:

  • Use of Leasing products for new purchases with an additional discount on the interest rate.
  • Loan disbursement and direct payments to suppliers.
  • Installation of Attica Bank POS with discount on management costs.
  • Discount on transfers and payment orders.
  • Corporate credit cards and higher interest rates on deposit products.

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