If you’re new to Attica Bank and haven’t yet established a partnership with us, please visit one of our branches. We’re eager to collaborate with you and tailor our services to meet your business needs.

For existing Attica Bank customers, the legal representative or company manager should visit the branch where your partnership is registered.

During your visit, please provide us with the following information

  • The personal details (name, email, mobile phone number) of each individual you wish to grant access to Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile on behalf of your company.
  • The role of each user (transaction entry, transaction approval, or both).
  • Any access restrictions for each user, including limits, types of transactions, and the company accounts they will manage.
  • The transaction approval schemes you wish to implement.

We will then verify your company’s authorization documents in our system, and within 2-3 working days, all user accesses will be activated.

Completion of Registration

Once the Bank completes your business registration, each registered user will receive:

  • A Customer Code (username) via SMS to their mobile phone.
  • A Password (password) to their personal email.

Users can immediately log in to Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile using these credentials.

Important Update

Before the expiration of your company’s legal documentation in the Bank’s systems, you will be notified at least one month in advance through a message upon logging into Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile. If you fail to renew the required documents within the notified period, access to digital services for all your company’s users will be automatically suspended until the renewal process is completed.