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Attica Mobile is Attica Bank’s Mobile Banking service. Once you install it on your device (mobile phone or tablet), you can manage your accounts and make instant transactions, with a variety of options, 24/7 easily, quickly, and securely.

The Attica Mobile app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

The supported operating system versions for Attica Mobile are:

  • Android: 11, 12, 13
  • iOS: 15, 16, 17


Select Online Enrollment in Attica e-banking and follow the steps. The process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Prerequisites for registration:

  • Have at least one active account or an active credit or debit card with Attica Bank
  • Have registered your mobile phone number with the Bank
  • Have a valid mobile phone number and email address

Your codes are issued online, and you can immediately log in to Attica Mobile & Attica e-banking.

Alternatively, you can register for the service at any Attica Bank branch.

There are three ways to log in to Attica Mobile:

  • Through Passwords: Enter the Customer Password (username) and the Secret Password (password) used in Attica e-banking.
  • Through PIN: Select the user avatar. If your device is registered, enter the PIN code set during “Device Management.”
  • Via Fingerprint or Face ID: If your device supports it.

In case you have blocked or forgotten your Password, you can unblock user and send a new Password via Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile.

Alternatively, please contact Attica Bank’s Customer Service Call Center at +30 210 3669000 to request new passwords for the digital services.

If your account is blocked after a series of unsuccessful attempts to enter the Customer Secret Code, contact Attica Bank Customer Service 24/7 at 210-3669000 (from a landline within Greece, with a charge of one urban unit). The relevant employees will guide you on the actions to take. The Bank will never ask you to disclose the Customer Secret Code.

Yes, you can change your Passwords through Attica Mobile. Select the “User” icon and choose “Change Customer Password” or “Change Secret Password.”

Changes in Access Codes through one channel (Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile) automatically apply to your login to any channel.

For full access and the ability to perform transactions, you need to enter a One-Time Password (OTP). The OTP enhances transaction security, generated based on transaction details and exclusively for that transaction.

The OTP is sent via SMS to the mobile phone number you provided to the Bank and to your email. OTPs are required for:

  • Transferring money to third parties within and outside the bank and via IRIS payments (if exceeding a cumulative amount of €1000 in a single day)
  • Changing the customer’s Username and Password
  • Registering and changing your mobile phone or tablet device
  • Changing daily limits for transfers & payments
  • Updating personal details or mobile phone number via eGov-KYC
  • If you lose your phone, contact Attica Bank’s Customer Service at 210-3669000 to deactivate the OTP service via SMS.

The OTP might not be accepted if:

  • The maximum “lifetime” of the OTP, which is 2 minutes, has been exceeded.
  • 3 consecutive incorrect attempts to enter the User Code have been made.
  • 5 consecutive requests for a Single-Use Code have been made without using it.
  • A User Code from a different transaction was entered.
  • The Hardware Token generator has been desynchronized.

In these cases, contact Attica Bank Customer Service at +30 210 3669000.

You can perform the following transactions through Attica Mobile:

  • Transfers between your accounts
  • Transfers between your bank accounts and Attica Bank accounts
  • Transfers via DIAS to other domestic or foreign banks (within SEPA)
  • Payment of bills to Public Benefit Organizations/Companies
  • Loading of prepaid cards
  • Payment of Attica Bank Credit Cards
  • Payment of Credit Cards of other banks
  • Creation of Standing Orders for Bill Payment
  • How can I receive a receipt for a transaction I made through Attica Mobile?

You can get a transaction receipt in two ways:

1.Select the transaction receipt, which will appear on your screen. By selecting “Sharing,” you can:

  • Save the receipt on your device
  • Send it via another application (e.g., email)

2.Select “History of actions” from the menu by selecting the “User” icon. View the transactions you have made and “download” the receipts.

Favorite Accounts are accounts you designate to appear when you log in to the Attica Mobile app. To designate an account as a favorite, select the “heart” icon located in the upper right (iOS) or within each account’s tab (Android).

Yes, through “templates,” you can save transactions used for transfers and/or payments. Creating templates speeds up the transaction process and reduces the chance of typing errors.

Templates are divided into two main categories:

  • Injected transaction templates
  • Beneficiary templates

You can create an injected transaction template after receiving the transaction receipt for a completed transaction. “Beneficiary templates” can be created through Attica e-banking and used for transactions through both Attica Mobile and Attica e-banking.

To protect you and inform you about changes to your Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile Passwords, the Bank sends Alerts via SMS and/or email. These Alerts cannot be disabled to prevent security breaches or fraud.

For incoming transactions via Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile, you can choose whether to receive Alerts. These notifications, received via SMS and/or email, inform you about an infusion transaction.

Through secure messages, you can communicate with the Bank securely. Send a message on any topic, attach a file, and the Bank will contact you.

Through Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile, you can view your “Tax-free” amount, which shows the expenses incurred using electronic means of payment. This information is categorized for the last two financial years.

Your Access Codes identify you as a user for Attica Mobile login. For maximum security:

  • Keep the Secret Customer Password (Password) strictly personal and confidential. Do not record or disclose it to third parties.
  • Avoid using easily guessable passwords, like birth dates, names, or phone numbers.
  • If you suspect your Password has been leaked, change it immediately through the “Change Password” option in the “User” menu.
  • Avoid making transactions on Attica Mobile from third-party smartphones and tablets.

Attica Bank ensures maximum transaction security using advanced technology systems and recognized security protocols for Attica e-banking services.

We provide advanced methods of securing transactions via Internet, Smartphone, or Tablet, ensuring the privacy of your personal and banking data. Use devices you control and do not disclose your passwords to third parties.

The 8-digit One Time Password (OTP) received for administrative and transactional activities further enhances transaction security. The OTP is generated based on the transaction details and can be used exclusively for that transaction.

Using Attica Mobile ensures:

● 24/7 access to your accounts
● Ease and speed in daily banking transactions
● High security through recognized electronic security protocols
● Confidentiality of your personal and banking data