Attica Bank provides a highly secure environment for conducting your transactions through its digital channels, ensuring maximum protection.

Specialized Electronic Security Systems: Our systems continuously monitor and record all access attempts, actively preventing unauthorized activities.

Encryption Standard: We utilize 2048-bit encryption to secure your data.

Browser Compatibility: Access to Attica e-Banking and Attica Mobile is restricted to the latest browser versions to enhance security.

Login Security: Multiple unsuccessful login attempts will result in access being blocked for security purposes.

Secret Passwords: We advise regularly updating your Secret Password and using complex Secret Codes to strengthen security and prevent eavesdropping, especially after detecting suspicious transactional activities.

Single Use Passwords: These passwords are valid for just 2 minutes and are specific to a single transaction for enhanced security.

Strong Customer Identification: For critical transactions, additional verification via a One-Time Password sent to your registered email is required, including:

  • Transfers to third parties, both inside and outside the bank.
  • Registration or changes to mobile or tablet devices.
  • Modifications to daily transfer and payment limits.
  • Updates to personal details or mobile phone numbers through eGov-KYC.

Transaction Restrictions: After several failed attempts to enter a one-time code, transactions will be blocked.

Automatic Logout: For your security, the system will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity.

Limit Settings: Customers have the ability to set daily and per transaction limits.

Notifications: Receive immediate notifications via email or SMS regarding any changes to passwords or transactions.