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Attica Bank, pursuant to the relevant resolution of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 16-4-08, as amended, completed and clarified by the resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 20-11-2008, and in accordance with the decision of the BoD meeting held on 26-11-2008 and art. 5 of Regulation 2273/2003 of the Commission of the European Communities, announces its intention to proceed to purchases of own shares in the period ending on 31.8.2009. The volume of the shares to be purchased, due to the conditions referred to in article 5, par. 3 of the aforementioned Regulation, may exceed the 25% of average daily volume limit as this is defined in art.5, par.2 of the same Regulation.    

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The Board of Directors of Bank of Attica S.A. (the Bank) announces that on 31/10/2008, the 379.282 new, common, registered shares of a nominal price of 0,35 euros each, deriving from the exercise of stock option rights by the executive members of the Board of Directors, the managers and other members of staff of the Bank and its affiliated companies, will start trading on the Athens Stock Exchange. The stock options scheme was implemented in accordance with the resolutions of the Bank’s Ordinary General Meeting held on 16-04-2008.

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