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Change in the composition of the BoD- Comment on Press articles

The Management and the Board of Directors of Attica Bank, in response to recent articles appearing in the Press, inform investors that the Bank, in consultation with the Bank of Greece (BoG) continues to fulfill all its obligations and to operate smoothly and without any disruption.
As already stated in the announcement issued by the Bank on 27/7/2016, the Bank is in a process of reorganization and the Bank’s Management is addressing the issue of the Bank’s full compliance with the findings of the audit that has been performed by a joint group of auditors of the ECB (SSM) and the BoG.
The BoD amended today its composition in compliance with the principles of sound corporate governance, which is expected to lead to the withdrawal of the temporary restriction on the disbursement of new loans and credit facilities which has been decided by the BoG.

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Attica Bank announces that following the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 27.6.2016, a new Board of Directors was elected. After the General Meeting, a meeting of the new BoD was held and the executive and non-executive duties of its members were determined.

More precisely, the composition of the new Board of Directors is the following:

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