Attica Bank brings to its customers (Individuals and Businesses) the Attica Debit Card Alerts service for Visa debit cards.

This service enables you to be aware of every transaction you make with your debit card, offering you security and controlled usage.

You will receive updates* via Viber or SMS for:


Withdrawals and withdrawals from ATMs, in Greece and abroad.


Purchases and counterbalances of purchases via POS or internet, in Greece and abroad.


Refunds to your card.

*The Bank is not responsible for any inability to receive the notification via Viber or SMS by the cardholder for technical reasons, such as, but not limited to: network malfunction or area outside the coverage of the mobile telephony network provider, incorrect mobile phone settings, etc.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

The service is offered free of charge and applies to all debit cards, with no registration required.

If you wish not to receive notifications, you can visit any Attica Bank Branch or call the Customer Service Call Centre.