Attica Bank provides additional security for your electronic transactions through the Visa Secure service, which uses the EMV 3DS security protocol.


  • Upgraded security
    A service that allows you to perform e-commerce transactions with Strong Customer Authentication. The verification of your identity is processed with even greater security, by applying the upgraded EMV 3DS security protocol.
  • Increased protection
    E-commerce transactions using Attica Bank cards are even more secure, as the risk of fraud is reduced.

How do you perform your transactions with VISA Secure?


Make sure you have your mobile phone with you before you start your e-commerce transaction.


Perform your e-commerce transaction using your Attica Bank card. Before you complete your transaction, a transaction details page will appear on your screen with the following information:

  • merchant name
  • transaction amount
  • date
  • card number (last 4 digits)

Complete your transaction by verifying your identity through a Strong Customer Authentication process, following the steps below:

  • Enter in the respective field of the screen the One Time Password (OTP) that you receive via SMS to the mobile phone number you have registered with Attica Bank (the One Time Password remains active for 3΄).
  • Enter your Personal Code. Initially, you will enter your Tax ID as a Personal Code. You will then be asked to replace it with a code of your choice, which you will need to memorize, in order to use it to complete your e-commerce transactions hereafter.


After Strong Customer Authentication process has been completed successfully, your payment will be forwarded for authorization.

Useful information:

  • Your valid mobile phone number is necessary for the completion of your transaction using VISA Secure.
  • The service applies to all Attica Bank issued cards.
  • In case you have not registered or updated your mobile phone with the Bank, please call at +30 210-366 9000 to get information on the process before you visit an Attica Bank Branch to update your personal data.

Read the 3D Secure Service Terms of Use HERE