Discover the Cashback Program

For every purchase you make with Attica Bank Attica Card Visa credit cards, you will be refunded 1% of the value of your transactions as a credit to your next account.

A prerequisite is that you have made transactions in the previous two months:

  • more than €350 with the Attica Card Visa Classic card or
  • €700 with the Attica Card Visa Gold card.

In case of a purchase with interest-free installments, the value of the installment is counted and not the total installment plan.

Terms of participation


The credit card must have a minimum lifetime of at least 6 months and must not have been in arrears for the last 6 months


The credit card must be valid and not overdue on the date of reimbursement of 1% of the transaction value


The maximum refund amount per calendar year for each account is €250

Excluded from the Cash Refund Program are transactions related to legal expenses, tax payments and public debts (such as EFKA, traffic taxes, Greek land registry).