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Ease and security in your transactions

Attica Debit Cards

Now, you have full control over your Attica Debit Card transactions!

Attica Debit Cards belong to the new generation of contactless technology cards, providing additional ease of use and unique speed in your transactions. Use them in all your daily transactions and take advantage of the flexibility of contactless technology for all your purchases of small value, up to €50. Replace the use of cash in your everyday life and gain safety and speed.

Why should I choose it?

Manage your money from Attica Bank ATMs (for withdrawals, deposits and money transfers) by linking up to 12 deposit accounts to Attica Debit Cards, setting one as your primary account, and perform your transactions in stores or your e-commerce transactions, with direct debit to your primary account.

Whenever you need cash, you have direct access to your money, as you can make withdrawals with your Attica Debit Card from both Attica Bank and Euronet ATM network free of charge, as well as from ATMs with Visa logo, in Greece and abroad, with applicable rates.

How does it work?

With your Attica Debit Card you have full control over your transactions! By linking it to your deposit account you can be sure that your transactions limit is set to the amount available in that account within the daily limits that apply in the Bank. You can easily check all the transactions performed with your debit card through your e-banking and mobile banking.

How do I get it?

If you already have an e-banking account, you can get it easily and quickly, by filling in the relevant application, or you may visit any Attica Bank Branch. Attica Debit Cards are provided without an annual subscription fee.



    that belong

    24-hour service all over the world.

    Daily limits

    Daily cash withdrawal limit: € 840.00 (can be customized)

    Daily purchase limit: € 4,000.00 (can be customized)


    It is provided without an annual subscription fee.



Get information about your debit card transactions from:

  • Attica Bank e-Banking and mobile banking.
  • Attica Bank ΑΤΜ network.
  • Attica Bank call center on 210 366 9000 and 210 366 9600.

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