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Pre-paid Cards

What is Attica Prepaid Card Visa?

Attica Prepaid Card Visa is the card on which you can set its limit, by reloading it up to your desired amount, as often as you like from 30 to 3,000 euros!

It can be used for remote transactions (online or over the phone) or for transactions at physical stores and cash withdrawals wherever Visa® is accepted, in Greece and abroad, up to its available balance. When the funds are used up, no transaction can be made, unless the card is reloaded with the preferred amount, through any Attica Bank Branch or Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile systems.

Attica Prepaid Card Visa is a Contactless card. You can carry out fast and secure contactless transactions at any point of sale bearing the relevant logo

The issuing and reloading fees are the following:

Amount to be Loaded Issuing Fee Reloading Fee
(Attica Bank Branch)
Reloading Fee
(e-banking-mobile banking)
from €30 up to €200 €3 €1 Free
from €201 up to €500 €5 €2 Free
from €501 up to €3.000 €9 €4 Free

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