How do you benefit?

Benefit from the transfer of your pension to the “Attica Pension” account, which is specially designed for pension payments and daily transactions, with a high interest rate and a number of special benefits.

At a glance


Preferential interest rate 0.80% *


Account opening without a minimum initial deposit amount.


Account statement sent free of charge by post, every 3 months or option of a passbook.


Three (3) standing orders free of charge.


Option of issuing a credit card without annual fees.


50% discount on pre-approval and application fees of housing and consumer loans.


Reduced interest rate of one percent unit below the current interest rate of the consumer loan Attica Symferon.

The discount does not apply when the product is already offered by an interest rate discount


Free insurance coverage of death or permanent partial / total incapacity caused by an accident (according to the terms and conditions defined by the Bank and the cooperating insurance company Anytime/Interamerican).


Discount on insurance products (such as car or property insurance programs) offered by the Bank in cooperation with the insurance company Anytime/Interamerican.

* The interest rate is valid for a deposit amount of up to € 1,500. For amounts above € 1,500 the interest rate is 0.10%. Interest is calculated and credited at the end of each calendar semester (30/06 & 31/12) and is subject to tax in accordance with applicable tax legislation (currently 15%).

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