How do you benefit?

The Attica Agro savings account is specially designed for those who work in the agricultural sector. This account simplifies your daily transactions and provides the possibility to credit agricultural payments and grants.

At a glance


Individuals who have agricultural status or declare income from agricultural grants – subsidies.


Interest rate
Preferential interest rate of 0.50% from the first €0.01 deposit and for any amount.

Credit interest is calculated semi-annually and paid at the end of the final day of each calendar semester (30/06 and 31/12) and is subject to tax in accordance with the legislation in force at the time (currently 15%).

Particular features

  • No minimum initial deposit required.
  • Attica Debit Visa debit card is issued without fee for transactions at Attica Bank ATMs and ATMs of other banks in Greece and abroad. You can use your debit card at ATMs of the EURONET network free of charge.
  • Connection of your account with Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile for instant and secure transactions.
  • Link your account to the Bank’s term deposits and investment products.
  • Notification of your account activity via a quarterly statement and continuous updates via Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile.
  • Issuance of an interest income statement and tax withholding at the end of each tax year, upon request of the client.

Additional benefits


The first three (3) automatic payments are free of charge, for bill payments via standing orders on the Attica Agro account


Ability to issue credit card without subscription.


50% discount on pre-approval and management fees for mortgage and consumer loans


Discount of one (1) point on the current interest rate of the consumer loan “Attica Symferon “*

*The discount does not apply when the product is offered in a promotion

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