How do you benefit?

Use your Attica My Account for simple, fast everyday transactions and payments, combining high performance with instant access to your money.

At a glance


Natural persons


Competitive interest rate on the entire deposit amount

  • From €0.01 – €5,000.00: 0.02% interest rate
  • From €5,000.01 and above: 0.05% interest rate

Special features

  • Account opening with no minimum deposit amount
  • Information on account activity via statement
  • Access to the account with your Attica Debit Visa debit card for inexpensive transactions at Attica Bank ATMs and ATMs of the EURONET network and for purchases at Visa-branded businesses in Greece and abroad
  • Connection of the account with Attica Mobile and Attica E-banking services

Additional benefits


Carry out your daily transactions involving cash deposits/withdrawals


Organize your payments using your account for: purchases, transfers in Greece and abroad, money transfers, one-off or standing order payments and loan and credit card repayments


Manage all your transactions by linking your account to your time deposit

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