At Attica Bank, we know how important it is to travel by car.

That’s why we partner with Anytime/Interamerican to offer you the insurance you need, ensuring affordable premiums, flexible coverages and access to free services.

Choose the comprehensive Anytime Auto plan that suits you best!

Anytime has 3 comprehensive auto insurance plans tailored to your needs:

  • Basic: It’s ideal for those who want legally required coverages, including vehicle transportation after an accident.
  • Value: this is a comprehensive option that offers, in addition to the basic coverages, extended roadside assistance and protection against fire, theft, flooding and more.
  • Premium: It offers comprehensive cover for every eventuality, regardless of who is liable, through a combined insurance policy.

Enjoy unique benefits and services


Competitive premiums
Anytime has some of the most affordable premiums on the market and ensures you can choose the term and payment method you want.


Mixed insurance with the easiest process
Obtain Property Damage cover (you are covered whether you are liable or not) in the fastest way and with a very low deductible (€350 at Interamerican partner garages or €600 at a garage of your choice).


Compensation without a deductible
You have no involvement in possible damage (except for the coverage of own damage).


24-hour service
In the event of an accident, call 1158 and a qualified Anytime representative will take care of all the procedures. In addition, your vehicle is transported free of charge to the nearest garage.


Drive On Mobile Roadside Assistance app
With one click from your mobile phone, you can notify Roadside Assistance via the Drive On app that pinpoints your exact location without having to report it.


One-stop service for property damage
Immediate and responsible repair of your car at a wide and reliable network of garages or at CAR POINT, Interamerican’s Standard Compensation & Repair Unit.


By insuring your car with Anytime you get a 5% discount on the insurance of a 2nd vehicle and a 10% discount on your home insurance. You also gain access to services that make your daily life easier, such as battery replacement, discount on service or the purchase of a used car.