Insurance Plans Anytime Home

You can insure your home and vacation home today with flexibility and benefits. Take advantage of our bank’s partnership with Anytime/Interamerican and enjoy home insurance with comprehensive plans, affordable premiums, flexible coverages and simple and clear terms.

10% discount in home insurance until June 30, 2024!

Get an even greater discount by insuring:

  • Your car (+10% discount)
  • The content of your home (+10% discount)

The offer is valid exclusively for new contracts.

Why is home insurance important?

Maintaining the integrity and protecting your valuable assets has always been of paramount importance. With climate change and an increase in severe weather events, your home security faces multiple risks.

By choosing Anytime Home insurance plans, you find the perfect solution to meet today’s home security challenges with smart and reliable options.

With Attica Bank Anytime/Interamerican you have access to:

  1. Full insurance plans
  2. Access to full insurance packages
  3. Flexible coverages
  4. Simple and clear terms

Discover the Anytime Home Insurance Plans of Anytime!

Anytime offers three (3) flexible home insurance plans that cover your home and everything in it.


Additional coverages


Protection against damage caused by seismic activity.


Weather phenomena
Cover for damage caused by extreme weather events.


Pipe leakage
Protection against damage due to leaking pipes.

In the Value and Premium plans, the ‘Lock Replacement’ coverage is provided free of charge.

Meet the unique advantages of Anytime!

  • Complete plans and affordable premiums. We get you the coverages you need at the right price, depending on the needs of your home or vacation home.
  • Simple, clear terms and up-to-date coverages. We insure your home with quick and easy processes, easy to understand terms and very low or no excesses.
  • We provide you with more for every aspect of your home. The exterior or ancillary areas (parking, storage rooms) of your home are covered with the insurance of the main areas and at no extra charge.
  • We ensure you compensation at actual value. With Anytime you are compensated fairly and quickly, at the actual replacement value of the damage you have suffered.