How do you benefit?

Attica Bank, in cooperation with Interamerican, offers the Personal Cyber Insurance Program for secure online transactions, with an emphasis on data protection and security of your transactions.

About the program

The Program covers the insured for online purchases and online payment transactions.

At a glance


Insurance coverage
The Plan provides insurance coverage for online purchases and online payment transactions.
Specifically, it covers cases where products purchased online were either not delivered, differed from the selected ones or suffered material damage upon receipt.

In addition, it covers services purchased online but not delivered on the agreed date. With respect to online payment transactions, the plan covers transactions made without the insured’s authorization, either from their bank account or from their credit or debit card, as well as from their banking electronic payment applications, such as e-banking and mobile banking applications.


Limit of cover
Maximum limit of cover €1,500 for each cover and a total of €3,000 with a €50 deductible on each loss (per transaction).


€25 per year

Who can be insured

Persons aged 18+ residing in Greece who:

  • make online purchases even if the product/service they buy is paid for by cash on delivery
  • They maintain active Greek bank accounts in their name and transact with them