How do you benefit?

With the Eco Solutions loan for the installation of photovoltaic panels in your building (roof, roof, canopy, shade, parking lot, facade, etc.), you can install photovoltaic panels in different parts of your building.

In fact, net metering technology allows you to utilize both the energy produced and consumed, thus providing the ability to generate and monitor the electricity you consume and produce.

In addition, photovoltaic installations help reduce electricity costs, ensure a stable electricity tariff and promote environmental protection.

At a glance


Grant amount
From € 1,500 to € 25,000


Interest rate
The interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the loan
7.90%, plus tax, plus tax. N128/75 (currently 0.60%)


In monthly installments that pay off interest and capital automatically from your deposit account.


Early Repayment
Early repayment of all or part of your loan is possible without any charge.


From 1 to 7 years.


We offer you financing up to 100% of the invoice/preferential invoice amount.


Net Metering is a system that allows consumers to offset the energy they produce and consume. This means that consumers can cover all or part of their electricity needs while using the grid as a form of indirect storage for green energy. The term ‘net’ comes from the fact that the consumer’s billing is based on the difference between the energy consumed and the energy produced during a metering-billing cycle. If there is excess energy, it is not lost but credited to the consumer for up to three years, after which a final settlement is made.

The concept of Net Metering can be summarized as follows:

  • All energy produced by the photovoltaic (PV) system is used to meet the user’s demand.
  • If the PV system doesn’t produce enough energy to meet the demand, the shortfall is drawn from the public grid.
  • Excess PV energy is indirectly stored in the public grid to be used later.
  • The energy drawn from the grid is offset against the energy stored, and the consumer is only charged for the difference.

Photovoltaic Net Metering can be installed on various parts of a building, such as the roof, canopy, sunshade, parking lot, and more.

According to current legislation (Government Gazette B759), natural persons (whether traders or not) who either own the space where the production station is installed or have legal use of the space (e.g., through lease, free concession, etc.) and have secured the written consent of the owner of the space are eligible to join the energy offsetting (Net Metering) program.