How do you benefit?

Do you need a mortgage loan to carry out energy upgrade work on your home?

The Attica Eco Home mortgage loan provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency easily and affordably.

At a glance


Grant amount
From €15,000 to €75,000


Interest rate

  • Fixed for the duration of the loan
  • Fixed from 3.70% for the first year and then variable on the basis of Euribor 3m plus a spread of 3.50% or
  • Variable on the basis of Euribor 3m plus a spread of 3,50% for the entire duration of the loan

*The above-mentioned interest rates are nominal and are subject to the levy of Law 128/75 (currently 0.12%)


From 3 to 30 years


In monthly installments that pay off interest and principal automatically from your deposit account, with the option of installment payments and a grace period of up to 12 months with no early repayment charges.


Insurance coverage
Mandatory fire and earthquake property insurance for the entire term of the loan. Optional borrower’s life insurance.

Find out about the insurance programs that Attica Bank can offer you in cooperation with Anytime / Interamerican.


With financing up to 70% of the value of the property, including previous loans, we provide you with the necessary support to make your home more ecological, efficient and comfortable.

Cover up to 100% of the cost of works such as replacing windows, upgrading insulation, installing heating/cooling systems, or converting your property into a smart home, as well as purchasing and installing hot water systems using Renewable Energy Sources.

Interest rate discount

Secure a discount of up to 0.40% for A+ or A category properties, or a discount of 0.30% for B+ or B categories, based on your property’s Energy Performance Certificate.

In addition, earn a 1% interest rate discount if your loan is secured by cash collateral, keeping your deposit in an interest-free savings account with the Bank.